Stop Fraud

At FraudVigil, our goal is to help you approve more sales while protecting your online assets.

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Reduce Chargebacks

FraudVigil is an industry leader in online fraud protection and is your first step to eliminating expensive chargebacks.

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Improve Customer Experience

Start improving your customer experience today with low false decline rates and high order approval.

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Powerful APIs

Our fast and reliable APIs bring multiple data sources together for the most up-to-date information.

Stop Fake Accounts

Dramatically reduce account spam and stop bot signups. It's simple: take more good orders and reject the bad, efficiently. FraudVigil provides the tools you need to compete.

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Stop Chargebacks

Prevent costly disputes and save money. Get your solution setup in minutes and eliminate fraud for a lifetime. FraudVigil is technology that pays for itself - less fraud means more money to your bottom line.

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Stop Worrying

Improve your business results with one, easy, turnkey solution that packs multiple prevention techniques and algorithms into a single integrated package.

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